Cequest: Sequestering Carbon for Large-Scale Impact

Written in Collaboration with Naila Moloo, Kristina Arezina, and Sophia Moloo


1. Background

1.1. Intro to Carbon Sequestration & Mineral Weathering

1.2. Past Projects and Prototypes

2. How it Works

2.1. The Reaction

2.2. The Electrolysis Reaction and Bi-Products

Anode side reaction
Overall centre compartment reaction
Carbonic acid decomposed into water and carbon dioxide at a pH < 6
Cathode side reaction
Overall electrolysis reaction

3. Production of Hydrogen Fuel

3.1. Hydrogen Fuel Cells

3.2. The Chemical Reaction

Hydrogen fuel cell
Anode side reaction
Cathode side reaction
Overall fuel cell reaction

3.3. Storing Hydrogen

3.4. Hydrogen as Electricity

4. Materials, Design, and Costs

4.1. Advances in Electrolysis Design

4.2. What Materials We Need for the Reaction

4.3. Scaling Materials

5. Becoming Profitable

5.1. Source of Revenue

5.2. Renewable Energy Source

6. Next Up

6.1. Our Impact

6.2. Positive Externalities

6.3. Scaling the Company

7. Conclusion

Learning new things and writing about them. Passionate about how AI can be applied to some of the world’s biggest problems. Developer Intern @ IBM.

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